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About Us

Having a DJ that understands the type of event, your audience and your taste are crucial to its success. The music and DJ can be a make or break for any gathering.

At MKD Entertainment, we have years of experience from hundreds of parties and we’re consistently trusted to provide the atmosphere at functions of all of shapes and sizes.

If you’re looking for a reliable DJ that will have your guests dancing through the night, then look no further.

Why Choose Us?

Music You Want

We’ve all experienced a DJ that loves to play the music they want to hear, and in turn, clear the dancefloor. From years of experience, at MKD Entertainment, we play the music you and your guests love

Friendly DJ

The last person you want providing the entertainment at your event is DJ Energy Sapper. MKD Entertainment promises to create the atmosphere at your parties. Got a request on the night? Let us know

All Types of Music

50’s music at your 18th. Nightmare. We provide a range of music, from all genres and generations so everyone will be happy. Even your grandma.


We know how important your event is. Everything else goes on hold while planning the event, right until it has finished. MKD Entertainment will take a huge chunk of stress off your plate.

Fair Pricing

Although we believe music is the most important part of your event, we understand it’s just one piece of the puzzle. That’s why we price our services fairly for gatherings of any size so you can make sure all aspects are perfect.

Events of All Sizes

21st Birthday of the most popular person in school? We’ve got it covered. Karaoke night on your own? We won’t judge. Whatever the size of your event, and for whatever occasion- we will step up to mark and provide the ultimate experience.

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Our Services


We know that weddings are a one-off special event. We make sure it’s one to remember. *Subject to your alcohol consumption


18th, 21st, 50th or 57th- whatever the age we’ll make sure it’s the best party you’ll ever have. Want a party for the sake of having a party? We hear you. Get in touch!


Whether you’re an amazing or questionable performer, our equipment will let you sing to your heart’s content. Or someone takes you off the stage.

DJ Services

Want some music playing at your corporate event? Get in touch today for a free quote and have your employees thanking you for the great event.

MKD Entertainment

Events don’t happen very often, so make sure you make it special with MKD Entertainment. We’ve been trusted time and time again for good reason.
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